About Defenred
The protection and promotion of human rights (political, civil, economic, social and cultural) is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace. People who work daily to protect these rights are key in those countries with more repressive policies, or embarked on major reforms, or passing through transition periods. These people are essential even in democratic societies, maining support of minorities. They are the human rights defenders.

But defending human rights can become a threat to themselves. Many of them suffer constant harassment from veiled threats, and even physical attacks, to them or to their families as well. The reason is clear: with their work they question the power of those who sustain their privileged position through abuse and violations of the rights of others.

Being faced with these threats means that they need to develop strategies in their daily lives in order to minimize risk. There are many organizations that are addressing various forms of support to human rights defenders to manage this risk in their daily lives, at work or in their digital communications.

The enormous implication for justice shown by defenders, which also leads them to maintain a high work pace without rest is ussually not affected by the threats they suffer. We must also bear in mind that often the economic situation in their organizations is precarious. As a result, lack of time and / or resources often prevents further training and studies, which would enable them to acquire new knowledge for continuous improvement of their work.
 The sum of all these factors (the threat and aggression towards themselves and their families, a high level of involvement and activism that keeps them in the struggle for human rights despite the danger, and financial difficulties in carrying out their work) usually involves high costs for mental and physical health.

It is necessary to support the work of these people. Human rights defenders are the key to the development of their environment in a fair and equal situation. They usually have a deep understanding of their realities. And because of their influence in their communities, they are the mechanisms that can generate changes and alternatives to improve the situation of human rights.

The aim of our group is to strengthen their work, serving some of the needs identified. If we support human rights defenders, we do so to all individuals and communities that benefit from their human rights work. And we will be improving the situation of human rights of all.

Why defenred is born

Human Right Defenders risk their lives every day to build a freer and fairer word, where human rights are respected. They are brave people willing to do anything to fight for what they believe in, and therefore, are the real leaders of change.

Most of these human rights defenders persist in their work despite the threats, assaults and harassment they receive, devoting much time and effort to improve the communities in which they live, usually with little resources.

Defenred is born to support these change agents in a direct way with the firm intention that they have the ability to develop the important work they do.
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