Defenred & Human Rights

People supporting human rights defenders.

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ProjectThe Respite house

Periods of rest and respite in Spain for physical and psychological recovery.

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Direct aid to HRD

To enhance self-care, or facilitate training

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Defenred 2015

Why defenred is born

Human Right Defenders risk their lives every day to build a freer and fairer word, where human rights are respected. They are brave people willing to do anything to fight for what they believe in, and therefore, are the real leaders of change.

Most of these human rights defenders persist in their work despite the threats, assaults and harassment they receive, devoting much time and effort to improve the communities in which they live, usually with little resources.

Defenred is born to support these change agents in a direct way with the firm intention that they have the ability to develop the important work they do.
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